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Crime Scene Investigation – Miami

Crime Scene Investigation – Miami

Crime Scene Investigation took small screen by storm in 2000 using its novel and revolutionary updating of a standard series concept in this instance, the cop show. Suddenly, rather than just mystery, getting to the bottom of crimes was about whodunit.

Since grainy move towards the offense in CSI: Miami which is referred to as forensic science makes its way from Las Vegas city to the roads of Florida state. Another team of offense scene pollsters is presented to investigate the sordid underneath of the items some make reference to as Cuba North and some others describe Georgia South. Contemplate it a tropical combination of culture, people, nightlife and the occasional killing or two, of course.

Just like you do it in Vegas, come for the crime and hang in there for the clues. And there is always a clue. The chief criminologist is the Team Horatio Caine, it is a sort of the Grissom of the sequel. But he has got a perilous edge plus a blind commitment to righteousness. Tim Speedle would be a youthful and erudite criminalist who did his work revering his school buddy, who passed away a couple of years after he was paralyzed in a mishap. When he died, he was on duty as was shot in a jewels store while probing a murder.

There is a humorous and endearing character called Eric Delko, who is at this time working as a CSI, focusing on underwater revival. Alexx Woods has got the education which has gained her the pet name ‘knowologist’ and often challenges other CSIs. Alexx is a youthful coroner and she is renowned to converse with the victims. Calleigh Duquesne may be the ballistics specialist of the team, occasionally identified as the ‘bullet girl’. The newest person is Ryan Wolfe. He is youthful and frequently thinks away from box to assist solve cases.