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Act of Valor- Fight against Terror

Act of Valor- Fight against Terror

Without doubt prior to the weekend is over there is going to be true wing experts flattering the virtues of ‘Act of Valor’, the documentary film that uses actual Navy SEALS in telling a story of America’s fight against terror.

But don’t look forward to several film critics to do this.

There’s nothing horribly off beam using the movie, which plays just like a polished recruitment infomercial in support of the elite military group. It very well falls in the ritual of well-meaning hype that Hollywood produces, especially at some stage in the Second World War once the studios exerted with the Office of War Information to produce movies that would prop up the combat endeavors.

From that time onwards, though, fighting films have frequently been more textured - bravery combined with human shortcomings; lately with ‘The Hurt Locker’, which recommended that taking part in a battle was somewhat similar to a dependency - the final safe haven.

There’s no such shade in this movie which is produced by the Bandito Brothers, i.e. Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, who were signed up by the armed forces to create recruitment commercials, but turned up with a thought of mounting their concept into a feature length movie. Their thought ended up being to use real Navy SEALS in trailing the storyline and to play themselves in the final product.

Enlisting the aid of writer Kurt Johnstad, who wrote the Spartan epic ‘300’, the Bandito Brothers came up with a tale that jump-cuts from one terror spot to a different with lightning speed. About a minute the movie remakes a fanatic hit on to the Philippines, another is in a weapons factory located in the Ukraine, then in a short time, on a wind-swept airstrip in Somalia.