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Hobie Beach Miami

Hobie Beach Miami

Hobie Beach Miami is ssituated near Virginia Key on Key Biscayne, on the north region of Rickenbacker Causeway. Hobie Beach open every day from morning to sunset, the Hobie Beach also recognized as Windsurfer Beach, which is paradise for surfer and a famous destination for those who like to have fun with water sports. The Hobie Beach is the first choice of local people for windsurfing as of the steady winds all across the inlet, which permitting windsurfers to use the day steering along with the bay front.

The palms line the beach, offering shaded regions for picnics or a perfect place to settle down on the sunrise. The Hobie beach has a narrow sandy beach spot for sunbathing and swimmers can like the cool waters. The outlooks of the Miami sky at sunset are eye-catching as well as provide the an ideal opportunity for capturing photographs of sailboats or any other scenery, as well as a sunset walk along Hobie Beach can be the wonderful activity if you are on a honeymoon or any other romantic vacation.

Drink and food concessions, restrooms, beachside parking and shower facilities which are available for tourists’ expediency. Water-sport hires on Hobie Beach which include catamarans, which is also recognized as trifoilers and Hobie Cats along with lessons for operating the craft.

The Hobie Beach Miami is also a famous location for walking and fishing, and it is one of the few region beaches that permit dogs. If you are moving towards the beach in your leasing car or any other automobile, remember that there is a tax to access the causeway.