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KPMG Foundation Awards Assama Sawani $10,000 Scholarship for Doctorate at FIU

KPMG Foundation Awards Assama Sawani $10,000 Scholarship for Doctorate at FIU

With the cost of education rising every year, several motivated scholars either give up their dreams or rely on financial support for transforming their dreams into reality. Getting into a doctoral program is an expensive choice for some, while for others getting back to school means giving up on a lucrative job. Financial independence and security is a vital factor that restrains deserving students from attaining higher education. Presence of minority community in corporate jobs is less as there are very few students from these communities who study business and enter corporate world.

Recognizing this need, KPMG Foundation awards Minority Accounting Doctoral scholarships to African American, Native American and Hispanic American scholars every year.

Awarded to 12 minority students, each scholarship is valued at $ 10,000 and is renewable for 5 years. Assama Sawani is one of the recipients of this scholarship for the year 2012-13 and she will be pursuing her doctorate at Florida International University. President of KPMG Foundation stated that Assama Sawani has demonstrated her hard work, dedication and ambition, making her the winner of this scholarship.

Keeping up with its commitment of supporting minority communities, KPMG Foundation has awarded $ 470,000 in scholarships to 12 new and 35 renewed recipients for the year 2012-13. KPMG has been awarding these scholarships regularly since 1994 with an aim of increasing the representation of minority communities in accounting programs at colleges and universities. Until now, KPMG Foundation has awarded more than $ 10 million in scholarships and helped around 309 scholars of minority representations in achieving their doctorate degree. This commitment is a part of its broader vision to increase the presence of African-American, Native American and Hispanic Americans in American workforce.

Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarship is instrumental in transforming talented students into educators, who in turn will shape business leaders for the future. KPMG Foundation is of the opinion that business lessons that begin in classroom and providing diverse educational environments equip leaders with perspective that is necessary to sustain and thrive in their profession.