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Romney and Obama in the University of Miami

Romney and Obama in the University of Miami

Debating over the various issues of America, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are now on the way to attract Hispanic voters. The Republican presidential candidate and existing President of US will visit the BankUnited Center Fieldhouse of University of Miami and will discuss about the future and education of the Hispanic Community.

Romney's visit on 19th September and Obama's visit on the next day are the part of Univision broadcasts. These events will be aired on the Univision Network at 10.00 p.m. The sessions will be scheduled in a question answer format by Univision, where the questions will be in Spanish language and the candidates will be giving the answer in English. If necessary, translations will also be provided. The events will also be streamed on the Facebook page of Univision Noticias (American Spanish language cable news channel owned by Univision). The events then will be streamed online in the English language by the politics hub of Facebook. Cesar Conde, the President of Univision said that the University is pleased as Romney and Obama will share their vision with Hispanics.

The vice president for government affairs, Rudy Fernandez said that hosting the interviews of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on campus before the presidential election 2012 is unique for the University of Miami. He further stated that Univision Communications plays an important role in the interview as there is a need of network.

Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos are selected as an anchor to host the events targeting the Hispanic Americans. About 20 million Hispanic people are expected to vote for the 2012 presidential election. Rudy Fernandez said that each of these presidential candidates is looking to attract the Hispanic votes.

Tickets for both of these important events will be limited. The University of Miami College Republicans and some affiliated organizations will get the student tickets for Mitt Romney's event. Similarly, the University of Miami Young and College democrats along with some affiliated organizations will get the student tickets for Barack Obama's event. Rest of the student tickets will be distributed through lottery system.

Hispanics people will play an important role in electing the next president for the United States of America. By visiting the University of Miami and discussing about the education of Hispanics, the presidential candidates might be trying to attract the Hispanic voters.