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Florida Could Get Casino or Horse Racing

Florida Could Get Casino or Horse Racing

Plans are ready to bring casino gambling to boost the business revenue of Florida City. The initial step involves securing a permit for jai-alai or quarter horse racing followed by a casino. Always ambitious about economic and business development, the Florida City is well set to clinch the business opportunity in the form of gambling. The opportunity may come in the form of jai-alai fronton or quarter horse racetrack both located near to the Florida Keys Outlet Center. A casino with slot machines and poker room could attract both tourists as well as residents passing via South Miami to the Florida Keys.

Otis Wallace, the mayor of Florida said that it’s one of the moves to recover business and economy of Florida. It will act as a great source of revenue for the city because during this bad economic time, it is necessary to look for some different source of revenue rather than taxing people till death. The initiative is also considered as another sign of gambling industry’s strength to expand. In spite of denial of state Legislature to full scale gambling, some business players are trying to exploit some state laws to thrive ‘parimtutel betting’.

If this effort of Florida City succeeds, it will receive a company from Broward and Miami-Dade counties. They act as home to parimtutel facilities which operate card rooms and slots. Florida began clearing its way for gambling during the recent summer. During this timeframe, the City Commission decided to rezone around 25 acres of land at corner of Southwest 336th street and Southwest 172nd Avenue. The commission has also formulated new category for land use especially for gambling. The idea of rezoning came on the demand of Fort Myers Real Estate Holdings which acquired two pieces of land during 2010 and 2011 for the amount of $6.5 million.

The mayor said that he didn’t appreciate the internet gambling which is popping up around the city. Wallace didn’t like to outlaw the gambling, but he gives importance to monitor the things where the gambling facilities would be placed.