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Villella Leaves Miami Ballet Earlier than Expected

Villella Leaves Miami Ballet Earlier than Expected

The artistic director of Miami City Ballet, Edward Villella has unexpectedly left the organization after a year of management shake-up and financial problems. The company's struggle has threatened him as he had dreamt of making it an internationally recognized company. Last year, Villella said that he would retire from his duties after the end of 2012-12 season in April. However, on Tuesday, 5th September 2012, the officials of Ballet declared that Villella has made his mind to leave immediately.

Villella said that he thought of bringing New York to Miami when he came here, but Miami is unique city and has something special in its own manner. The former star of New York City Ballet established this Miami beach-based dance organization in 1986. The officials said that Villella has contributed to company's growth in very large extent and he took several decisions with executive board of the company to pace the growth of the company. Lourdes Lopez, the Cuban-born dancer who was set to hold the position of artistic director, will take over the responsibilities immediately. Jim Eroncig, the board president and Villella have shown gratitude towards each other for leadership and support. There are hardly any arguments shadowed as the departure of Villella was already declared in September 2011.

However, Marvin Ross Friedman, the company's trustee said that rather than being grateful towards Villella for leading the organization which achieved the wide acclaim, some executive board members forced him to give resignation. Friedman further said in his email to officials that Villella has created a top notch company which is nothing but a crown jewel in the cultural assets of Miami and still he was forced to resign. The spokesman of Miami City Ballet, Roberto Santiago also alleged that the departure of Villella was planned and it was not his own decision. On the other hand, in his conference with The Associated Press, Villella said that his disappointment and frustration led him to give resignation.

After the announcement from Villella's retirement, most of the dancers became confused and they approached company's board to get convincing answers. The announcement came as a real shock to them and they are not at all happy with it.